Are Your Kids Spending Too Much Time Gaming,
In Front Of Mobile Devices Or The TV?

Would You Prefer They Spend Some Time Exercising?

Why Not Provide Them Some Motivation, Education & Physical Exercise Everyday And Give “YOU” The “Parent”, A Tiny Break?

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How Will My Kids Benefit?

Help Them Increase Their Exercise Knowledge

Improve Their Flexibility & Mobility

Instill Physical Exercise Discipline

Increase Their Cardiovascular Endurance

Improve Their Strength Levels

Build Confidence In Their Fitness Levels

Get them away from electronics for 1/2h per day

Ability To Interact & Have Fun With Other Active Youth


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Parents, & Personal Trainers Dimitri & Francesca Feel Exercise Is Lacking In Todays World

"Its one thing to know that in Todays Society, kids are getting far less, (almost 2/3 less) physical activity in schools due to all the cut backs, and some families aren't able to enroll their kids into private sports camps or teams due to financial limitations...Now with the Covid 19 Quarantine Lockdown even more kids are glued to devices and technology and this makes the Global Youth Fitness Epidemic even worse. If Doctors say kids need to move 1/2h each day what about parents...Thus why we created the online Kids Fitness Program.

Dimitri & Francesca Giankoulas


What Exercises Happen In A Kids Fitness Session?

Facts on Kids Fitness Levels in North America

Children are Overweight

1 in 3

% of Kids That Watch More Than 3hours of TV P/Day

2 out of 3

Kids Dont Get Enough Exercise P/day

1 in 3

Eat Fast Food Everyday


What Programs Do You Offer In The Kids Online Fitness Sessions?

Functional Training Exercises

Various sports exercises

Bodyweight -Calisthenic Exercises

Speed, Plyometrics & Agility Drills

Balance & Coordination skills

Various martial arts

Build & develop Disciplne

Interact & exercise with other children of equal age

As Parents We Know Its Hard To:

- Keep your kids motivated to exercise while in Quarantine

-Keep your kids focused on school work when they have so many other distractions

-Help keep your kids physical activity level up while their current sports programs are not happening or shut down

-Find a break during your busy day just to get some “Me Time”

Help Your Child To Stay Motivate


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Here What One Of The Mothers Had To Say!

Antisa P

Are You Ready to Enroll Your Kids & Get Them Active & Exercising?

Let our team of coaches that specialize in physical activity for kids, teens & adults In Sports Specific Training take your children through Fun, Interactive & Motivating Workouts Each And Every Week!

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