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Team PURE Motivation Fitness Has 2 Unique Programs For You to Choose From:

#1) FREE Version

7 Days Consecutive @Home Quarantine Program

- Partial Access To Mobile Online Fitness & Nutrition Playbook
- One Accountability Check-Ins with a coach
- 7 Days Access to ALL Kids Fitness Classes
- 7 Days Access to ALL our Weekly Virtual Zoom Classes

- Full Access To Mobile Online Fitness & Nutrition Playbook
- Custom Bi-weekly Accountability Check-Ins with a coach
- Full Access to ALL Kids Fitness Classes
- Full Access to ALL our Weekly Virtual Zoom Classes

(over 6 classes per day )

For UNLIMITED Weekly Access Kindly Schedule a Call for One of Our Staff To Provide You a Complementary Program Design Session & Determine

Your BODY-TYPE Specific Need

@HOME Quarantine Program Includes:

#2 UNLIMITED Version

($39.99 p/week)


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  • Are you the business professional (male & female), constantly travelling sitting for meetings, lunches, dinners, & have not time for exercise? And now at stuck home?

  • Are you the busy parents, juggling a home, work, life , family balance & wanting to bring fitness back into your lives but not sure how and currently going crazy at home with the kids?

  • Are you the dedicated supermom, raising a family, taking kids to practices, games events often leaving no time for her herself and now stuck with everyone at home?

  • Are you retired? Or the dedicated & loving senior who’s excited to be a grand parent and now seeking to prevent the aging process and begin exercising at home?


If You Are One of The People Listed Below, This Solution is Perfect for You!

The Show Must Go On!

While things may not be normal for a lot of life, we want to ensure some things don't change, and that's OUR COMMITMENT to helping others & YOUR COMMITMENT to YOUR fitness journey!

7 Days of PURE Live Workouts

Join the PURE Motivation Coaching Team as they lead you through 2 weeks of quarantine sessions, ensuring you're getting the most out of each and every workout!

PURE Nutrition Advice

We're including Grocery lists, over 30 healthy recipes, nutrition videos , body type specific food literature & Customizable 15 Day Nutrition Programs

PURE Live Coaching Accountability

Join the PURE Motivation Coaching Team as they lead you through each workout, ensuring you're getting the most out of each and every workout, With loads of Motivation & Fun easy to do exercises!

PURE Community

Not only will the PURE Motivation Fitness Coaches be providing corrections and giving feedback during your workouts, they'll be in communication with you throughout the week utilizing Zoom Q&A calls!

While things may not be normal for a lot of life, we want to ensure some things don't change, and that's your commitment to your fitness journey!

7 Days Free
Guaranteed To Get You Results!

How can we offer such a thing? The honest truth is that we want people and everyone living in our neighbouring Vaughan community to be as healthy as possible through this crisis.

Many, including our business have had to pivot our entire lives and work overnight, and we know how much of a toll this has taken on our society. Let us take care of you, so you can take care of your loved ones.

(or we) DO THIS?

Frequently Asked Questions


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I'm Excited! How does all of this work?
-All you have to do is fill out your information in the pop-up box! We will be in touch with you to activate your 7 day Quarantine Program. It's helpful if you can schedule your virtual on-boarding session with us on the next page, but we can set that up over the phone, too! This way we can determine if you have any special needs, find out what equipment you have and space you will be training in!

What is the program cost?
Our 7 Day Quarantine Program is 100% FREE. We're here to help out as many people that need it in the Vaughan & surrounding GTA areas even those who follow us in other countries during these trying times. If you would like to continue after your free period of time then it will be $39.99 p/week.

Can I do this with a friend or spouse?
-Absolutely! In fact we encourage it. Just get your spot before we run out of virtual space!

What's Included?
-Our 7-Day Quarantine Program includes 1 weeks Virtual Personal Training, and a downloadable 7 Day Quarantine Fitness & Healthy Eating Playbook. This will provide you with some tools, mindset hacks and nutritional advice to help get you through these tough times.

Is this really FREE?
-Most definitely! No obligations to join after the 7 days, either! We don't even want a thank you! Just pay it forward and be kind to others during this crisis.

When does this program start?
This Quarantine Program begins as soon as you're ready! Our team is ready to help you avoid the weight gain (and continue towards your goals) so many Canadians are experiencing during this time!

Do I have to train everyday?
-Nope! You are provided with over 7 workouts per week & access to 1on1 live virtual assessments to help you stay accountable, understand your body type & guiding you through what equipment or items you need for your home workouts. But for best results we do recommend that you workout at least 2-4 sessions per week!

What's the Schedule for The Workouts?

To Inquire About Unlimited Version Book a

Free Discovery call HERE

What (Other Than Weight) Do You Have To Lose?

There's no arguing that right now, things are just... Different! But that doesn't mean everything is. We know that your desire to stay on track with your fitness journey hasn't changed one bit. That's exactly why we've put together this program specifically to keep you on track during these times! We've gone ahead and removed the risk and providing 7 Days FREE. What do you have to lose? Click the button below and get started with your 7 Day @Home Quarantine Program today!


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Meet The Instructors

Coach Dimitri


Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach Dimitri has over 24 years of hands on expereince, & has competed in Drug Free Bodybuiidng for 9 years. He brings his passion, high energy & love for fitness to everyone, every session

Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Fitness & Workplace Ergonomics Coach Daniel brings a high level of anatomy, physiology, functional movement nutrition knowledge to each & every workout session. Bringing over 10 years of experience in the fitness industy, working with hundreds of clients & management.

Fitness Studio Director

Coach Daniel

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